Zumba is now a household name since almost every female in the family has heard of it.  This is a dance workout that's founded on Latin music specifically salsa. Today the dance fitness is performed not only with Latin music but with just any type of music beat. With this type of dance fitness routine, all people with various levels of dancing experience and fitness can enjoy the dance fitness workout. The best part about zumba is that you don't feel like working out since you will be in the middle of a party atmosphere. This serves as the best exercise routine for those who love to party. 

Zumba fitness routine is intended for burning a huge amount of calories through aerobic exercises interspersed with interval training for maximum effect. There are many factors that affect the amount of calories burned while doing the zumba exercise. One of these is the movements involved in the type of dance you do. The fast ones are jitterbug, salsa, hip hop, and disco. There are also other elements that have to be factored in such as the age, weight, gender, and the fitness level of the individual doing the zumba. For most people around 400 to 600 calories are burned during a one-hour zumba session. 

Tennis movements also accompany the usual zumba workout session so don't be surprised if you'll be asked to do squats, push-up up against a wall, and plyometric jumps while performing the dance moves. 

You have to keep in mind that zumba workout is both fitness and dance workout session. Apart from the heart benefits that it carries, it can also provide a full-body workout. It usually involves head rolls and shoulder and the other parts of the upper trunk including the neck. It also includes foot movements and helps to strengthen the calves and ankles. This is the type of dance routine that uses every joint and muscle of the body. Latin dances often focus on the abs and thighs. It's likely for you to feel pain in these areas a day after the zumba session. Flexibility is also worked on in a zumba exercise especially during the warm-up and cool-down sessions. You might want to view this website at http://www.mahalo.com/courses/learn-pilates/intermediate-moves/hundreds/ to know more about fitness. 


Zumba has become a worldwide phenomenon, many of the studios and gyms offer aqua zumba sessions where zumba is done in a pool. There are also sessions for kids and for seniors. It has become a global language for exercise since it transcends cultural and language boundaries.